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As both a tenant and injury lawyer - there is no way to tell as you have mish mash of issues here Either you have a lease or proof of  month to month tenancy there to defend the eviction - or you ...

More facts would be needed before your case can be evaluated. Did the accident happen on or off the job site? Who owned the property where u were injured>?

I am afraid there is not really a way to say what the settlement should be without seeing medical records, medical bills, report of any long term injury, accident report, information about any prior s ...

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Smyrna Personal Injury Lawyers Provide Fierce Advocacy for Your Right to Co

Nothing can prepare you for a devastating accident injury. Whether you have been blindsided at an intersection by a distracted driver, fallen from faulty scaffolding at a construction site, or learned ...

The High Price of Burn Injuries

Burns are some of the most severe and painful injuries a person can endure. Thousands of people suffer from moderate to severe burns each year in the United States, both at work and at home.  Acc ...

Scooter Use and Accidents in California Raise Liability an Insurance Issues

The use of motorized scooters is increasing exponentially over time in California cities, as scooters are an easy efficient means of localized travel, especially in dense urban areas with overcrowded ...

School Bus Overturned in Linden Causing Injuries for Five Victims

A school bus overturned in Linden, New Jersey and caused personal injuries for five victims. Just before 4 pm, the bus accident occurred on the New Jersey Turnpike near the exit for the Goethals Bridg ...

Will Gaps in Medical Treatment Hurt Your Injury Case?

When you are hurt in an accident, getting proper medical care is essential. You will need to go to the doctor quite a few times to get the care you need, and your treatment may involve diagnostic test ...

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