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This is not a lawsuit issue at this point - but clearly an issue that needs to be documented and addessed and brough the attemtion of the nursng staff. 

First and foremost, doc, you are not in control of the issue nor are you the arbiter of the strength or weakness of the other persons case. Any view otherwise is an illusion, especially in a death cas ...

If you wanted ti fund such a case possibly, as its a variation of a defamation type case. Other than that, not likely any lawyer would take such a case on a contingent fee where they get paid if and w ...

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Full Term Babies with Large Head Circumference are at Greater Risk for CP

A new study points to fetal head circumference as a risk factor for birth injury and possibly, cerebral palsy. A study by researchers at the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Ruhr-University ...

Opioids for Pennsylvania workers out on comp

PA: Opioids for Workers Out on Comp The Workers’ Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) recently confirmed that the second-highest amount of opioids prescribed to workers who are out on compensa ...

Why the FDA has banned using codeine and tramadol in children

Contraindicated: The FDA and Kids’ Medicines The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants everyone – doctors, parents, caregivers and the general public – to know that using codeine ...

Opioid lawsuits happening across the country

Opioid Lawsuits Sadly, an estimated 150 people die from an opioid overdose every day in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported over 40,000 opioid overdose dea ...

Missed heart attack symptoms in women

Missed Symptoms of Heart Attacks in Women When a person’s arteries narrow to the point where blood flow to the heart is dramatically reduced or is cut off altogether, a heart attack happens. The ...

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