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You may have a case if the statute of limitations has not expired.   The law requires that a medical malpractice lawsuit be initiated within two years from the date when the injury is first susta ...

No - no damages. You can report it to the hospital risk management to make sure they investigate how that happened so that they don't make such a mistake with others. 

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Unnecessary Heart Procedures: Medical Malpractice

Along with any medical procedure or surgery comes risk to the patient; heart procedures are no different. In most cases cardiac procedures are performed for legitimate – often life saving &#8211 ...

Failure to Treat Heart Failure

February is American Heart Month. American Heart Month is a federally designated event meant to place focus on heart health to reduce heart disease, heart attacks and heart failure. Data from the CDC ...

What is the Brain Initiative and Why is it Important for Those with TBI?

An ongoing research initiative launched in 2013 continues to make progress towards understanding how the brain works, and how we can use that information to cure illnesses and treat brain damage cause ...

How Schools And Staff Are Often Unprepared For Kids With Allergies

Kids With Allergies: Schools and Staff Are Often Unprepared A new study has found that when a child has a severe allergic reaction at school, he or she may receive medication from an untrained staff m ...

Nursing Home Abuse Largely Underreported

Nursing Home Abuse Largely Underreported According to a report compiled by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) through the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), over one-third of nursi ...

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