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The job elimination, if it was eliminated, is lawful. However, if there was no true job elimination and you were selected for termination due to age, disability and/or sex, you may have a claim for wr ...

Unless you have a contract, the resignation is meaningless.  You can quit on no notice whenever you want, and you can be fired on no notice whenever the employer wants.  If there is a contra ...

Tennessee is an employmenta-at-will state wehre an employer can fire or refuse to hire you for any reason.  While this may seem unfair, I do not see anything in these facts that show the employer ...

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Mixed Case Appeal – Atlanta Attorney

Should the former or current federal employee with an EEO issue file a “mixed case” in the MSPB?  Federal employees who have been dismissed, demoted, or suspended without pay for over ...

Company owes me wages as an independent contractor

Company owes me wages as an independent contractor Q: I was an independent contractor working for a shipping company, we had a pending damage claim from a customer for $2400. The owner of the company ...

DOL files complaint on behalf of Tipped Employees

Recently, the United States Department of Labor settled claims against six Roanoke restaurants and the restaurant owners, in their personal capacities, Acosta v. El Rodeo-Electric, Inc., et. al., Case ...

Do I have a right to get copies of all emails relating to an incident at wo

Q: I work at an electronics company and I reached into a box of parts and there was a syringe with a sharp needle on it. I phoned my supervisor and left a message about what happened. I work the grave ...

My Employer Is Not Paying Me Overtime. Do I Sue?

The short answer is: YES. Don’t work for free for another second. If you are not being paid for overtime by your employer it is critical that you contact an attorney immediately to protect your ...

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