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Thank you for your question. I am happy to assist. As part of a divorce, the issue of attorney’s fees can be addressed and part of any agreement or determination that the Court makes. Generally, ...

Depending upon the facts, you might be able to get an order that prevents your ex from leaving the children alone with her. Good luck.

Thank you for your question.  I know how worried you must be about  your custody and parenting time rights.  The short answer is possibly.   Specifically, did DCPP put a safet ...

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Divorce Lawyer

Minnesota couples get divorced for many reasons. Sometimes, they fall out of love with each other and decide to part ways amicably. Other times, they argue over finances, especially if one spouse spen ...

Spousal Maintenance

When Minnesota couples decide to divorce, some of the most contentious issues on the table can be the financial matters. Alimony payments have been a particular source of conflict, often leading to ex ...


The Supreme Court of New Jersey has directed the Board on Attorney Certification to administer the attorney certification program in an effort both to protect consumers from false advertising and to r ...

Grounds for Divorce Lawyer

In Virginia, there are two broad categories of contested divorces: fault-based divorce and no-fault divorce. Virginia recognizes several grounds on which one can obtain a divorce based on specific bad ...

Can I Make My Spouse File A Joint Tax Return?

Under the current tax laws of our county, if two individuals are still legally married, albeit living separate and apart from each other, as of the last day in any calendar year (i.e., December 31), t ...

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