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Mediation is required.  The court is going to require it.  You may request the court schedule a Neutral Case Evaluation ("NCE") in lieu of mediation. An NCE is more effective as a sitti ...

effectsportal.net offers general information and not legal advice. If your husband has filed any formal proceedings with the Court, you must be served with a copy of what has been filed.  Due Process r ...

As a preliminary matter, please note that effectsportal.net offers general information and not legal advice.  If you and your spouse are still living together as husband and wife, the court does not ha ...

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Assets in a Divorce Lawyer

During a divorce in Minnesota, spouses may have restrictions put on their assets and finances. This prevents spouses from taking or selling property that may not belong to them once the divorce is fin ...

Important considerations when you choose a Florida family lawyer

At our law firm, we practice exclusively divorce and family law. Our laser focus on clients facing family or relationship conflict or need gives us deep understanding of the personal situations they f ...

Spousal Maintenance

When some Minnesota women get a divorce, they might be more likely to be responsible for paying child support or alimony than in the past according to a survey by the American Association of Matrimoni ...

What Does It Mean To Be The “Best” Divorce Lawyer?

Historically, it has been unethical for a lawyer to say that he or she is the “best” lawyer in town or in an area of law. And of course, it would be impossible to choose the best one &#821 ...

Washington State Divorce Attorney Shares Shocking Domestic Violence Statist

Domestic violence is a pattern of intentional behavior meant to demean, control and exert power over an intimate partner. It plays out in various ways including intimidation, emotional and mental abus ...

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