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The facts are a bit unclear, but there is an interstate compact allowing authorities in one state to enforce paternity and support orders in another.  For background on how such cases work, click ...

This has the ability to reflect poorly on her in court. You should have retained an attorney yourself. If you are looking to represent yourself, you should at least hire an attorney for review and dra ...

Martha, you will need to establish a Protective Order against the individual and possibly sue them for personal injury such as emotional or mental abuse or etc hardship that their actions may be costi ...

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Divorce Lawyer

For many Minnesota couples going through divorce, mediation will be more advantageous than the conventional litigation process. Divorce mediations typically take less time, cost less and result in ter ...

You May Not Believe It, But Life Does Get Better After Divorce Lawyer

The short answer is yes – life does get better after divorce. It’s no secret that the end of a marriage is a significant stressor in life. Divorce rates up there with imprisonment and deat ...

Can we go to couple’s therapy while she has a PFA order?

Q: I am not living in the house with her and she has a PFA order on me. I am told she is willing to go to therapy with me. I am so pleased but want to be careful. (Pittsburgh, PA) A:  Probably no ...

How long does a Court take to finalize a divorce?

Q: I have filed the Praecipe to Transmit Record for my divorce in Allegheny County, PA. When I track the status of my divorce online, it says that the file was sent to Family Court. Approximately how ...

Divorce Lawyer

Divorce statistics remain high across the nation and Minnesota is no exception. In some families a pattern of dealing emerges in which one spouse primarily handles finances. There is nothing wrong wit ...

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