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Is there any legal way to get out of civil demand letter from Walmart?

Q: I got a Civil demand letter from attorney representing Walmart in a retail theft, shoplifting case. It states pay to $150 to us in addition to and/or in addition to criminal charges. In FAQ section ...

How do I appeal denial of child support?

Q: I was denied reconsideration by judge and the current child support modification is in place. My ex (divorce pending) retired at age 40 due to stress. Judge failed to consider earning capacity. As ...

Can my cousin file forgery charges on me?

Q: My uncle recently died. My husband and I was buying his vehicle because he could no longer drive. Two weeks before he died he handed us the signed title and told my husband happy birthday. Uncle wa ...

Disorderly Conduct-Guilty! Can I Appeal?

Q: I had a summary trial court date. The judge was confusing. And somewhat of a jerk. After I explained to him it was accident, he was having none of it. He said you can either plead guilty or I&#8217 ...

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See my new blog at https://www.chicagocriminalattorneyblog.com/ This blog has articles on the False Claims Act, Medicare recoupments, and criminal defense.  Recent articles include ...

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