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No, you don't need to set up a new entity: you can just file a DBA. You do not get a new EIN.

Prior to providing a response, we will need to know the name of the insurance carrier so as to avoid any potential conflict. If you can provide this information, we can   provide some genera ...

The answer depends on a few things.  First, an LLC member is not entitled to be employed by the LLC just becasue he or she is a member. So if this person has an employment relationship with the L ...

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What is a Correspondence Audit?

In short, a correspondence audit is an IRS audit that’s performed through the mail. The majority of IRS audits – over two-thirds – are correspondence audits. Rather than a full-blown ...

Can a Commercial Landlord Sue for Breach of Contract When a Business Tenant

When a tenant renting space in a commercial shopping center decides to vacate the premises before the end of their lease, a landlord can collect on the remaining rent for the full length of time state ...

Data Privacy Cases Pending in front of U.S. Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court will decide whether American courts can issue warrants for data stored on servers overseas. In U.S. v. Microsoft, the appellate court sided with Microsoft and quas ...

Texas Legislative Issues/News: Austin Lawmakers Look at Bringing Amazon to

When Amazon.com announced that it was building a second headquarters, bringing with it a $5 billion investment and 50,000 jobs, it set up a nation-wide bidding war. According to the Dallas Mornin ...

Expanding into Global E-Commerce: Legal Considerations

The rise of global e-commerce is changing the face of business around the world. The US share of that global e-commerce is steadily dropping, while China and the developing world are rapidly developin ...

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