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By now, I assume that if they were going to submit a public records request, they would have done this and the school district would have responded.  Probably your resume is not private.  Wh ...

The applicant is one person.  Ownership of the entity is on the tax return.

Private employers are not subject to the Right to Know Law.  There would be no reason for your employer to provide anyone with your resume and job application.  Even if your employer is subj ...

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US Supreme Court Enforces Individual Arbitration Agreements

In May 2018, the Supreme Court in Epic System Corp. v. Lewis ruled in favor of employers in a matter involving the enforcement of individualized arbitration agreements. 2018 WL 2292444. In this case, ...

Starbucks’ European Tax Controversy

As we mentioned earlier in our post about Apple’s repatriation tax, multinational corporate juggernauts often use creative – and sometimes ethically questionable – means to reduce th ...

Business in a Divorce Lawyer

For people in Minnesota going through a divorce who are also small business owners, the value of the business can be a major issue during property division negotiations. When a couple owns a family bu ...

The Bizarre New York Sales Tax

If we were forced to identify a tax which most consistently “falls under the radar,” we would have to select the New York sales tax. With sales tax, we can say that familiarity has certain ...

A New York 1031 Exchange Tax Primer

When a taxpayer conducts a 1031 exchange, one point which should always be kept in mind is that this transaction may generate issues with state level taxation. Though it’s part of the federal ta ...

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