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I don't think there's any legal or practical difference between the labels that you put on any of the companies.  Any company can be extended credit by a lender if its deemed credit-worthy.  ...

The general rule is that the individual owners are not liable for debts of the LLC.  If you personally signed for any loan or other obligation of the LLC, you will remain liable though.  Its ...

Under certain circmstances you can collect unemployment comp benefits after voluntarily quitting your job.  The circumstances that compelled you to quit have to be fairly serious.  Having a ...

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The Bizarre New York Sales Tax

If we were forced to identify a tax which most consistently “falls under the radar,” we would have to select the New York sales tax. With sales tax, we can say that familiarity has certain ...

A New York 1031 Exchange Tax Primer

When a taxpayer conducts a 1031 exchange, one point which should always be kept in mind is that this transaction may generate issues with state level taxation. Though it’s part of the federal ta ...

The Shifting Sands of Bitcoin Taxation

The rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has brought about a whole new set of fascinating taxation issues. Currently, the market value of bitcoin is in the low $8,000 range – as of today i ...

The Stats on IRS Audit Probability

For many citizens, receiving an IRS audit ranks among the most terrifying possibilities they can imagine. An IRS audit is undeniably a very stressful ordeal, one which requires a great ...

The IRS & “Reasonable Collection Potential”

As we’ve discussed before, when the IRS considers an offer-in-compromise (or OIC) it will view the amount offered with reference to the taxpayer’s reasonable colle ...

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